Friday, October 9, 2015

Le Croisic and the purchase of proper rain slickers

The weather in Brittany is typically wet, and we did not escape. Neither the bad nor the good lasts for long, so if it's raining you know you can just wait a bit and it will stop. Conversely, if it's sunny, you'd better get out and enjoy it, quick.
So Sunday it was kind of rainy, and eventually enough so that we invested in authentic Bretagne gear - fleece-lined rubber rain slickers. With hoods. The real tradition is bright yellow - the better to see you when you fall overboard, or something - but you can get them in other colors, so mine is RED and JP's is dark blue. Surprise, surprise!

There he is, dry in his blue slicker, under his sailor's cap.

Sunday around the salt flats & Batz sur Mer

Thursday, October 8, 2015

back to the start

Yes, finally. The soon-to-be-retired memory card is giving up its last photos.
Arrival at La Turballe in time for an evening stroll, before crepes & cider in Guerande.
Then in the morning, a walk along the beach.
Ah! A challenge!

I'm trying to get more creative with putting stones on top of other stones. At least once, the balance of one has to depend on the next one on top of it. Hard to do more than that with only 2 hands, but I've seen some pretty fantastic stacks. Not with this wind, though!
Time for breakfast.

Friday, October 2, 2015

La Brière and the Great Dolmen Tour

It turned out to be a glorious afternoon. I was really up for taking a canoe out on the Brière marsh, which is marked on the map as being more water than land. Every last boat I saw for hire, though, had several inches of water in it, even the ones that weren't sinking.
 Otherwise, you can tour the place with one of these, but in fact there's not much to see. Just a large flat area that is more or less soggy, depending.
So instead, we decided to go around and see all of the places on the map with one of those little neolithic site icons. At least the ones not too far away.
 The dolmen at (er, somewhere; I left my notes at home) has cows.
 It's so cute!

 You can get closer, as they've made the fence with a clever opening that cows can't go through.

 They love their dolmen, and defend it fiercely.

 The next one was a menhir, also with cows.

 The next one was not in a pasture, but on a little rise between fields.

 It has frequent picnicers, like this family enjoying an afternoon pause. Surprisingly, we never saw any trash around these ancient monuments, nor the slightest graffiti. They are just quietly appreciated.
The last one was but a jumbled ruin.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

ah, now where were we...

The salt ponds at Guerande were resting while we were there. I think that special something about this salt must be bird poop. I bought a kilo, and JP got 5, for making salt-crusted fish. We will see how that works out.
 Then we spent the morning making our way up the coast around Piriac, with many stops to admire the view.
 There he is, not playing cards.

It looked like rain for a while, and when we sat down to a wonderful lunch of shellfish and crepes we didn't know if we'd be going on for a tour around the Brière marsh wildlife preserve, or to Le Croisic for more bridge.