Friday, October 31, 2008


Oh, my gosh, I just got a raise! 10.04 a month! I promise - I won't blow it all at once.

With centimes left over, I can get two large jars of Nutella. Or somewhat less than 2 gallons of gas. Or 12 stamps for the US. Or three medium bags of catfood (I don't get the large ones because the cats really don't like it when it gets stale, so we compromise - they would like a fresh bag, or a fresh cow or whatever, every day). Or pizza & beer. Or about six days of phone service.
Alright for getting out my daily sarcasm blast. It just builds up inside me, and then even a minor thing will come along to set it off, like yet another request for $5 from the Obama campaign, or a picture of SP looking more like a sitcom character than a real person. Like a geyser blowing off pressure, out it comes. I am actually very happy that my salary attempts to keep up with inflation. I wonder if 10.04 will do it.

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