Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Take this quiz

Hmmm.... what to watch, what to watch...
It's a knitting night as I try to make progress on my latest project, and that means: there must be something on tv.

So what is there...

Channel 1: American election coverage extravaganza!
Channel 2: Coverage of those crazy Americans and their election!
Channel 3: Gonzo Comic American election coverage!
Channel 4: American election coverage featuring People You're Really Tired Of!
Channel 5: American election coverage as Seen from the Perspective of a German Broadcaster!
Channel 6: Two new episodes of Desperate Housewives, no commercial breaks.
Channel 7: The Electoral College for Dummies!

Guess which program will be airing at my house tonight, and you could win a jar of my very own homemade blackberry jam. Or equivalent if it has to be sent to the States. Take your pick now! I don't have that much jam, so one winner will be chosen at random from the correct answers.


Anonymous said...

"Put the on/off switch on the off position."

Channel 0.

I'll come over and pick up my prize on Tuesday.

sciencegirl said...

But, uh, I actually did watch Desperate Housewives. And I liked it. And I'm even setting my vcr for next Tuesday.

gégé said...

a ben flute j'ai raté le concour mais je sais que tu est la reine de la confiture
Allé à bientôt
Au fait je suis content du résultat des élections je pense que ça va changer les choses et le regard que nous portons au USA

sciencegirl said...

Y'avait pas de gagnant - le mysterieux visiteur de mardi prochain n'a pas eu le bon réponse. Bon. Je crois que j'ai suffissament de confiture pour tout le monde. Il reste du myrtille, cerise (attention aux petits morceaux de noyaux) et même un peu d'abricot.