Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cut Off!

It was always going to happen one day, and here we are.
The CJP computing department has decided, in all its wisdom and hard-work ethic, to block Facebook.
I only logged on a little bit.
Just a few minutes here and there.
I hardly spend any time goofing off on line.
Hardly any at all.
I rarely even blog.
A friend of mine, one who logs on to Fb rarely and never updates her status or posts jokes, commented recently that when you talk to people on Fb you think you've communicated but you really haven't. It's all too shallow; this new virtual way of being friends is just a fake and misleading version of being real friends.
Well, I might agree with some degree of truth there, if all there is to a relationship is exchanging one-liners. But I find that as an addition to an established, in-person, friendship, Fb really helps me keep in contact with people I see just once a year, if that. I live so far away! The time difference makes it awkward to call, and email has its place, but Fb is like seeing each other in passing all the time. It isn't stopping and having lunch together, but we don't expect it to be.
Anyway, I'll miss being able to keep it open in the background. I'll miss seeing that Liz is off to an SCA event this weekend, and Georgia is cranky from not napping, and John's cold is about gone. Things people don't email me about, but which do significantly contribute to feeling a part of each other's lives. I just didn't know how much until that tenuous connection was cut off.
I just hope the computing guys don't go after Blogger next!


Barry said...

They've blocked Facebook at my work as well. "Some people," the memo said, naming no names, "Have been abusing the privilege."

Now we all look at each other suspiciously. Were you the one who spoiled it for us all?

I agree with you about Facebook. I don't think I've made a friendship there, but it's a great way to maintain friendships with friends and family I see only rarely, usually because of distances.

sciencegirl said...

A superficial look at my computer log might seem to indicate I spend whole days on Fb. Reality is I would leave it open in the background and only respond when poked until quite late in the evening when my time is my own anyway. I figure if I'm working a 10-hour day I deserve a few minutes. Like right now.

Patty said...

Withdrawal symptoms. Bummner.

I thought about setting up Facebook but I hardly have time to blog these days.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love FB. It is, as a friend of mine says, "Just enough."

Love your architectural pics - you have a little of every style, yes?

Happy weekend!