Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good things come to those who wait

I am an empress of procrastination.

Just wait long enough, and problems will go away. Won't they? No, no, I'm not having visa issues again. Nothing like that.

This global warming business may or may not be behind the very mild fall temperatures we've been having. There was a pretty cold week in October, and I went down to the basement and set the heater to prepare hot water to circulate throughout the radiators as needed.
Nothing happened.
Back downstairs, maybe there's a valve somewhere that I forgot I closed last spring.
Hmm. I know the thing works, since it heats water for the faucets just fine. I must be missing something in getting the heating circuit going again. Something simple. How about wearing a sweater?
Then the weather warmed up again, a little, and a sweater combined with actually using my step-machine while watching tv instead of sitting like a lump on the couch kept me sufficiently warm to just kind of ignore the issue. I have a really hot comforter on the bed, too, so sleeping is fine; it's just getting out of bed in the morning that's difficult.
I don't spend much time at home anyway, so what does it matter if it's cold.
Then I invited friends over for Desperate Housewives Tuesday. With Pizza and Munchies.
Perhaps heating the house would be nice. What with guests and all.
So I mentioned to my friend (and scheduled guest) this slight temperature problem, and he came over early to go down to the basement and peer at the mysterious water heater item down there that usually keeps my house not exactly hot but at least warm.
Umm. Everything looks okay, it's just that nothing is happening. There's no sound of water circulating through the heat pipes. Are all the valves open?
Valves open!
So we flipped the switch several times, and hit the lighter button many times, and turned the whole thing off (and I remarked then that just that morning I did in fact have hot running water, thanks Jerome), and we did succeed in getting it to light again. But not to circulate hot water through the heating system.
Maybe now we've messed with it, it just needs some time to get started.
It's just shy to start working with all these people peering at it expectantly.
Yeah right!
Gotta call for repairs after all.
So we had our pizza and our two episodes of DH (one really boring, alas), and kept our sweaters on.
Then yesterday it was warm again so I forgot to call about repairs, as usual.
And I got home in the evening, and opened the door and thought I must really be coming down with something after all because it was positively balmy inside. Warm.
The radiator in the living room was hot!
It works!
Just like that.
See. I would have looked pretty foolish having a repair guy come to look at my perfectly functional heater.


Barry said...

Never underestimate the healing powers of procrastination!

Procrastination Rules!

Glad you're all comfy and warm.

Titus said...

Absolutely my approach to life, and how I hate myself for it! Spend so much more time worrying than doing, or finding better things to do than the thing I should be doing. Or indeed, anything to do other than the thing I should be doing.

Commenting comes under the "better things" by the way.

Hooray for heat, at last!

Sara Williams said...

So all it needed was a little bit of time!

Glad you have your heating back!

NanU said...

Perhaps I jinxed myself be blogging about it. Because while I was gleefully doing so, the heater came to its senses and stopped again.