Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A bit of a walk

I wouldn't want you to think from yesterday's post that I spent my whole, precious, day off riding the tram back and forth. No, no. Just one go-round, that's all. The other thing I did was take a walk in the hills to the west of town to photograph a certain tree there.
There's this one rather nicely shaped tree that's off on it's own on a hillside, standing about a hundred feet from a bunch of a dozen other trees that make a little tableau of their own. It's like the guru tree and the others are the followers. Anyway. I go up there every few weeks and take way too many pictures of them all. I figure in a few months I'll make an album with nothing but these trees, a sort of woody biography.

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The Bug said...

I keep meaning to take a picture of a tree and a scene in each season - maybe once per month - just to see how it changes. But I can't decide the tree OR the scene to use. Good grief - it shouldn't be THAT hard!