Saturday, June 2, 2012

What have we here?

So I was out in the yard this afternoon, thinking to pull out some of the rampant weeds from the front flower patch, and I started in around the hatch to the water meter, when I heard this loud screeching-sort of sound. I though it was some large bird, hidden in the pine tree. It kept calling, and it was really close, but I couldn't spot it through the dense foliage.

Then I looked down.

I have hedgehogs! I was practically standing on them.
They're so cuuuuuute!
And my gosh, what a racket.
There are at least three, possibly more. They like the front yard quite a lot, it seems, which is a good enough reason for me to leave it alone. Well, I did pull out most of the vines that are beginning to strangle the roses. Can't have that. But the low-growing stuff I figured I wouldn't sweat.
The cats were right there, and feigned not to notice the prickly little guys.

Oh, yes, the much-anticipated cherries are out. There aren't that many after all - the tree at the back has about none, and the one at the front is very lightly covered but as it's a large tree that's still 6 pots of jam already put up, and a quart of dried ones, and as many as I can gobble down before it rains tomorrow and they all explode.


Argent said...

I didn't know hedgehogs could make a noise. Mind you, I thought rabbits were mute until I heard one that was being attacked by a crow.

The Bug said...

I may have to change my allegience from penguins to hedgehogs - they are ENTIRELY too cute :)

NanU said...

They are! And you can have them in your yard, unlike penguins which you might have if they are facsimile penguins but not real actual penguins waddling across the lawn.

Dominic Rivron said...

They can snort like mad, can't they? We had about 7 here once. We started taking in poorly ones to recuperate (we met a local hedgehog rescue person who need people who could take them in)- we feed them, they have free run of the garden and clear off when they feel up to it! Great if like me you feel mean purging the garden of slugs, etc. They can do your dirty work for the price of a tin of cat food. They're certainly cute.