Friday, July 27, 2012

The wtf moment continues

I interrupt the fairly interrupted already tale of vacation for a short side question:

What is it with the Russians?

Why, oh why, are they flocking by the, mm, modest-sized groups of a dozen or so a day to the post about the tramway? The post has not gotten any more interesting, and it wasn't all that fascinating in the first place. But they keep coming.
1554 hits and counting, and 1544 of those must be Russians because Russia has become very black on the map of where visitors come from and I know that none of you regular readers are so silly as to check that old post every day, to see if I finally made it interesting by adding the winning numbers for the next lottery, or photos of scantily clad men, or somesuch nonsense.

Ah! Perhaps people looking for a guide to the tram stops in Clermont-Ferrand are bizarrely routed through Russia and land here after clicking on a link they thought might be able to help them find their way to an ASM rugby game at the Michelin stadium. I didn't know Russians were particularly interested in rugby, but those who are, are welcome to cheer for the ASM.


The Bug said...

That is hilarious - and odd. And maybe scary?

I never remember to look at my stats - especially this summer when I can't be bothered to post more than two or three times a week.

Jessica Maybury said...

I have Russians too, sometimes! I like to think they come for my content and not by mistake....