Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I should have known

Really, what was I thinking?

A few weeks ago, the bossguy sent around the notice from the Ligue (one of the private non-profit cancer research funding organisations) saying it was grant-writing season for big equipment that could be co-financed. He wanted to know what sorts of things we had in mind.

So I responded that an automated DNA extractor for the diagnostic lab probably fit their criterea and is certainly something we need.

I thought, from the way he put his question, was that he was gathering up our ideas in order to make an executive decision about which one to put forth. After all, we can't send in half a dozen grants, for everything from everyday equipement to the lastest in genomic rocket science, with no rhyme or reason or coordination between them. They can only afford one Christmas present for us: better to send in one perfect request they can't deny than a packet of half-baked ones sure to fail.

I figured he'd get back to us on that. All he asked me was to identify a potential item.

So last Friday he just mentioned in passing I'd be sending in that grant by the deadline, right?

when's that deadline again? Thursday. Great.


The Bug said...

Well yes you SHOULD have known :) Good communication is just not the thing these days. For example, here is an email conversation I had just this morning:

Me: "Are you able to tell me whether we made any auto-dialed calls on this account?"

Other Person: "No"

Me: "Just to be clear - there weren’t any auto-dialed calls?"

Other Person: "Nevermind, I would say it was."

What? I know my question wasn't very clear (I guess), but her response left me scratching my head. I ended up calling her :)

NanU said...

Love those conversations. Just yesterday I had my brain deep in one subject and somebody I don't really know called me in a very familiar way like I should obviously know what she was on about. So my brain jumped to some fabulously erroneous conclusion and I lamented that things were very difficult & stressful...(well, they are! for the accreditation stuff)
She was calling from the univesity to check on how our new technicien is working out! (er, she's wonderful, actually!)