Tuesday, August 6, 2013

looking up

Really nice clouds out last evening. I was out there admiring them, and coming back from across the street & down a bit where there's a gap in the web of power lines & trees & housetops & other obstacles I remembered to take a new photo of the house.
Yep, the fir tree's poodle-cut has been fixed. Now it just looks dumb, without the humor value of being excessively absurd. It was a surprise last Wednesday to come home and - oh - the top of the tree is gone. I wonder if the rest of it will still be there tomorrow.
Oh, and you can see my strategically-placed green recycling bin, to the right of the house, filling the gap between it and the metal shed-thingy. Now the plum tree that used to take up that space is gone, I realized while sunbathing on Sunday that passers-by have a clear line of sight to me on my lounger.
The sight of me at 49 in just a string bikini bottom is really not for public consumption.

1 comment:

The Bug said...

At 49 I am nowhere near wearing a string anything! Well, maybe I'd do the string tie thing if it were cowboy day at work :)