Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last day in England

Our last day in England we spent bumming around the house, and going shopping at Morrisons for all sorts of goodies you can't find in Nowhere France. Cheddar cheese. Drambuie. Lime marmalade.... At the shop we picked up our only real souvenir of the trip (aside from the memories and photos, and the books are only mine so they don't count), a pair of porcelain coffee cups in blue & white patterns.

Not much to say, just "oh, look!! another tree I saw while on vacation!!"

And, "oh, look!! People walking their dogs!!"

 Alright, I'm done being snarky. It's time to go home for dinner anyway.


The Bug said...

We take pictures of trees all the time. In fact, I have a favorite one I keep meaning to capture in all the seasons, but only seem to manage winter :)

NanU said...

Me too! I have an entire album of one tree I photographed over the course of 2 years.