Monday, November 3, 2014

J + 80

I'll just say this in English because I have a proper mastery of that language and when I say things in other languages there's always some doubt that my failure to use some subjunctive conditional case correctly turns everything upside-down and backwards and uncertainties to either flights of fancy or straw-men where the opposite is understood. Let us establish, just for the sake of current arguments, that the "present" may extend through the near-future of the next couple of years, and the "future" is ten years and more.

You don't know that you're sacrificing my future happiness by being with me.

I do know that your absence sacrifices my happiness today. And that if there is a future, any happiness in it will not now come from you.

Is the future more valuable than the present?

And what of your happiness? Were you happy with me? Are you happy without me?

I will not ask about your happiness in 15 years. You cannot know.
Nobody can.

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The Bug said...

I'm sensing that someone is trying to do what's "best" for you without actually checking with you first. Idjit.