Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vive le soleil!

oof, March 18 already. Our lame little winter is nearly officially over, and I haven't been out much to enjoy it. Way too busy during daylight hours.
I know a lot of daylight savings time haters, and I hope they will not comment here, however politely leaving all their good and well-reasoned reasons. Just want to say that I personally am really looking forward to the late-light season. Soon when I get home at 7:30 I can actually go out and enjoy the yard before nightfall. Get some dirt turned over and some seeds planted. Some weeds pulled. The lawn mowed. Yes, I will spend weekend time doing that, for hours at a stretch, but a glance at my calender shows five of the next six weekend all booked up with events, many of them away from home. And the sixth one it'll rain, I'm sure!
So bring on the daylight!

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The Bug said...

Yes yes yes - let there be evening light! In the morning I'm either getting ready for work or AT work so I could care less about how light it is :)