Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The coast around Piriac

Since I was on vacation last week, I should have had lots of time to blog, right?
Well, I forgot the charger for my computer, and after less than 2 hours on BBO it gave up the ghost. Then I tried JP's computer, but the wifi even in the lobby was really slow. Took about 10 minutes just to load the photo of my fabulous espresso machine and I just don't have the patience for more than that. Fehgettaboutit.
So now I am back at work, and perhaps a modest number of photos will make their way into the internet. I will start halfway through the trip, because my memory card got injured and I had to get a new one and it's the new one I happen to have with me.
Or, I would like to.
The disk is in the adapter to plug it into the usb port, and the little green light is on to say Yes! Connected!
But then when I navigate to that port, it says to please insert a disk...
Ah, there we go.
It seems I took 233 photos in 3 days. I hope I got the horizon level in at least a few!

 Menhir with a view

I did it! A level horizon!

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