Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mornac sur Seudre

Off for a Sunday stroll around Mornac sur Seudre. It's a cute little village, filled with boutiques open on Sundays.
 This region, the Charentes-Maritimes, is the kingdom of hollyhocks. They are everywhere, all colors from white to dark red. I'd pick some seed pods if I could, but they aren't ready yet. At home I pinch hollyhock seed pods on my way home from work, then toss them in the yard. I've got four or five growing so far.
Being on the Seudre, just a couple of miles from the Atlantic coast so it's still in the tidal area, Mornac is oyster territory, with canals and boats all over. Would be nice to rent a boat to tool around the marshes for a day...
Plenty of cats here.

And then back to La Palmyre for a little aperitif, with oysters and whelks and buttered bread.

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