Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The rug is alright

I have a cat who vomits.
Not your right-after-eating-too-much kind of barf, where many cats will hoover it up again afterwards. Just a sort of rearrangement of the food to fit more comfortably in the belly.
No, this is middle of the night sort of liquid vomit that leaves nasty puddles for your unsuspecting feet in the morning.
Fortunately, my cat does come with an early-warning system, in which she meowls plaintively, and loudly, for a minute or so before getting down to business. You might hate being awakened at 4 am by the howling, but you're simultaneously grateful for being given the chance to get the cat off the nice oriental rug before she spatters it with muck.
So it was very very early Sunday morning. But as I rushed to herd the retching pet into the linoleum-ated kitchen, I slipped on the rug and nearly broke a toe.

Perhaps they can both sleep outside from now on.

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The Bug said...

Ouch is right! Love the polish though :)