Thursday, October 27, 2016

Going to Croatia

Had to cut short the workshop in Warsaw in order to get home, change luggage, and go off for a week in Croatia.
9 am departure, so the group should be at the airport by 7. Yeah, sure!
There on time, and it's hurry up & wait. Our charter flight was coming in from Paris, and the airport decided it didn't have the ground crew necessary for an 'extra' arrival. So it refused to let the plane come in, and the Paris people sat around in Paris, and the Clermont people sat around in Clermont for an extra two hours, until the Clermont airport decided, well, maybe after all we'll let you fly.
I wouldn't mind waiting around if only the Card Player was with me.
Started some knitting.
Strange how people are so impressed by knitting.
Our tour operator did wrangle coffee and pastries for us, and also managed to change our lunch plans on arrival in Cavtat - we gave her a workout early and often over the week.

The view from my room.
Seems like too big a room for just one person.
Though I might have been imagining the echo.

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