Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Venice again

Early in the morning we crept into Venice, wending our way through the lagoon, around the various islands. The ships really have to stick to their channel, and go super-slow so the Wake doesn't swamp other boats, the quays, whole islands...
On the way in, we followed one cruise monster, and were followed by another in a majestic parade. Come to think of it, on the way out we took this same route, following three other ships. No crossing a ship going the other way - possibly not room for that!
We lucked out so well on our B&B a week ago, I was hoping we'd have something just as nice this time. No such luck. Slightly more expensive than B&B Corner, the new place was just as well placed, being just two minutes walk from the Rialto Bridge. But location was really all you got. The room was small and boring, though clean. Bed, a single straight chair, tiny desk, tiny nightstand, nothing else. The bathroom stank of mildew. The kitchen area was off-limits, and there was nowhere to just sit around and relax.
The guy running the place seemed nice enough when he let us in, but then we never saw him again. Just a place to crash. I don't even remember the name, or I would tell you to never go there.


You can just wander around forever in Venice. It's never boring, even the quiet parts; or ugly, even the run-down parts. You just walk around, then sit for an espresso, then wander over a bridge, along an alley, and stop for a snack, visit a chapel or a palace, decide where to dine - indoors or al fresco?
All things, alas, must come to an end. Time to go home. Back to work, back to laundry, back to the cat. Poor little Sienne has been all alone for more than a week, not counting the short visits from Marc (just the time to fill her bowls and change the litter, not time to sit and pet).

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