Monday, January 26, 2009


On the trees or off, last seasons apples are not so delicious in January. At least to me: smaller animals and microorganisms are having a field day. There may be a cure for tuberculosis in there. Some scientist should go find out.


haitham said...

congratulations on your new camera! It will be nice to be able to see some pictures from far away.

I'm sorry about the costly experiment snafu--made me wince just reading about it.

sciencegirl said...

Thanks! It certainly is entertaining so far (though I just discovered that the battery is only good for 120 pictures when most of them use the flash - that's not many when you're trying to catch an object flying through the air).

We'll probably get the reagents for the experiment replaced, but that sort of disappointment is just something you learn to live with in a lab.