Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The power of positivity

Sometimes things just go well. Believing they will go well does in fact help things along, so I think it's alright that people are putting a lot of faith in our new President to turn things around: in doing so they themselves are more likely to do the little things that make it all come true. Let's get that snowball rolling.
Some small things around here that make it feel like the world is happier:
- When my new student went over to my esteemed colleague's lab to introduce himself and announce that he'd be needing to do some of his work over there, he was welcomed with open arms. Trust me, I'm not being excessively cynical in thinking things might have gone differently. There's been a lot of tension that over the years we've never been able to work through. I am very happy at this new attitude, and will do my part to make our collaboration smooth sailing.
- Random people at the cafeteria were smiling today. Our table smiled back. :)
- The cold snap is over. Even the weather is with us.
- On Saturday I found this great deal on a digital camera with two lenses, but since it was used, from a first-time vendor, I decided to be cautious and contact him before buying. Monday, no response and the offer was no longer visible on Amazon, so I went with the next-best deal. Those guys took their time. Now here's a response from the first guy, yes, the camera is new, under warranty, everything seems fine. So I'm thinking "Zut!!! Could have had it!" And on Amazon, there it is. Quick quick to the other website: cancel! never mind! And now I feel like Sienne with a mouse, and I get a 300mm zoom bonus. I'm dancing a little jig here in my office. Soon the blog will be full of pictures.
Just my little pile of positive things. They come in waves, and it's important to remember that they will come in those times when only negative ones are knocking on the door.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder whether our esteemed colleague was touched by grace... I guess that's a start !