Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Sound

I feel terrible! It's my theme. I had this great theme lined up, really cool, and it just happened to land this week and the entire month I've been too busy to arrange a blindfolded walk about town during daylight hours. No fair! I will post a blind hike for you some other time. Promise!
There are plenty of sounds in my town. Let's go for a more ordinary sort of stroll and check some out.
This is my neighbor's car, parked smack in front of my house. My roses here are nice and quiet. The car, I hear it coming and going, and doors slamming, and the trunk slamming, and people talking endlessly in the night. Something about my house being so poorly insulated, the noise goes right around the loosely-fitting front door, down the wood hallway, and into my bedroom. The back bedroom.
Walk down the block to the center of Aubière, and you cross this stream, the Artière.
It's a little guy, but very musical. I always appreciate the little touch of nature in its burbling course through our town.
Sundays Aubière is closed off for market morning.
There are always crowds of people, talking, shouting out orders and prices, kids running around and parents yelling at them.
It's a lively thing, even in dreary weather.
More of the market in front of the church, which tolls the hour (twice, in case you miscount the first time), and gives one chime for quarter and half hours.
I like the sound of the bus pulling up to the stop to take me to work. Lots of the buses have noisy brakes and you can hear them blocks away, above the traffic if you know what to listen for.
Once at work, these guys are a good source of noise.
They'll beep at you if you try to enter incorrect directions, but most of the noise is the fans cooling off their motors.
That's one reason why they're sequestered here in a teeny room on their own.

That's nothing compared to the noise of the construction zone outside.
This is the view from the bridge between my building (left) and the main one.
Sawing through concrete they just poured last week.
The crane turning around.
Unidentified noises of all sorts.
Coffee time is good for some noise.
I won't say who here makes the most. You know who you are.

And our tram.
I like the little bell it has for crossing streets.
Brrring! Brrring! like an old-fashioned bicycle bell.
It has a serious horn, too, for when it feels threatened.

So there you are.
How about your town?
Link to other shootouts here.


Ronda Laveen said...

A wonderful "sound" tour.

Loved your photo of the creatures attacking the strawberries and cream. I see I'll have to hide mine.

Sara Williams said...

Fabulous topic and brilliant photos! I really feel as though I was walking around your town with you!

Bagman and Butler said...

You win the prize for the first post! At least the first one I saw. I loved the idea of the blind hike but don't see it in my immediate future. I love your shots and they do convey sound. I took a really dumb tacky approach -- I'm sorry because I really thought it was a good theme.

Titus said...

Oh, I really liked this! Lovely shots and with the words giving the auditory information it took things to another level.
Might have to copy this one day.

Tabor said...

I strive for the quiet although I found the little stroll through your town fascinating and a reminder of how my life used to be. You will have to visit my blog Room Without Walls to hear my sounds.

Jama said...

There's always a construction going on here in my country! Too many changes too soon, that's what happen when you live in a big town. Love all your photos here.

steven said...

nanu - i love the feeling of difference. like seeing a street scene in your home town. it feels different and has that tasty euro edge that feels like home. steven

SOL said...

I thought this assignment was a great idea for the FSO. Loved your shots, too!

Sarah said...

Oh Oh wonderful shootout..even without the blindfold!! I loved the story as you went!
I hate it when neighbors are loud all the time. We had some young men living in the condo across the way...OMG all night parties..screaming and girls laughing...drove me nuts. I almost threw a party when they moved out!!
Namaste, Sarah

Pauline said...

Thanks for a great topic, Nan U. I loved the sounds of your town. In this post I think I definitely see your town more clearly. Really like your little stream, it must be such a welcome sound amongst the busy town sounds.

Scriptor Senex said...

You certainly did justice to your theme. I was struck by how your church resembled the Moot Hall in Keswick, England. I wonder if the Moot Hall architect got the idea from Aubière.

J9 said...

Lovely tour of your town and the sounds in your life!

Totalfeckineejit said...

A walking travelling visual noisy quiet burbling prose poem.

Barry said...

Your challenged our creativity, pulled us out of our comfort zone and entertained us with a tour of your town and work place.


I think your job is done for today.

This has been great fun Nancy!

NanU said...

If only my boss agreed, Barry, but he wants his annual numbers and his QC reports!
I've been eager to do a blind hike, but it just didn't happen. In fact, I'll bet nobody did it. Too complicated, but maybe some future Friday, if we all have plenty of time to plan in advance...

Kerry said...

This was a good theme, and you have covered it so well in your own interpretation of it: the busy buses and trams, the market, your workplace (and I believe I can tell who the noisiest person is!)

Rebecca said...

That was a fun tour. I wanted to try the blindfolded idea too but didn't have time either.

A Scattering said...

I've been to France and back again! The sights and sounds were wonderful. This was a great theme, thanks for suggesting it.

clairedulalune said...

I really enjoyed this Nanu! Thank you for taking me round your neighbourhood!

Doreen said...

great post! I like the stream shot and the one of the surprised looks at coffee time. have a wonderful week!!

shabby girl said...

That's right, I forgot about your construction!!! Very noisy.
I like the little creek. Soothing even in the hustle and bustle!
The noisy coffee break cracked me up.
I hope you do another theme for the blind walk about.

Jen said...

memories of the copy room at my former school (I am a former teacher) came back to me...wow that was a noisy room!

Great post, great topic choice!