Friday, June 17, 2011


This year it is possible for me to show you the totality of my apricot crop.
 There's one! way up high, on its own.
 Then on the other side of the tree there are two together.
Finally, there is a fourth, but
a) it's hidden by a bunch of leaves
b) it's rotten.
These photos were taken this morning with my long zoom lens. It is not at all certain that I have a ladder adequate for the picking of my prizes. Certainly I will not be making jam of them. Rather, I am carefully hoarding the last jar of last year's apricot jam for a midwinter treat.
Instead, I will be heading to the store tonight to buy peaches and ginger for another go at ginger-peach.


steven said...

climb for the prizes nancy! steven

shabby girl said...

OH! To have a fresh apricot off the tree! So few good cots in the grocery!
Yep, get out the ladder!