Wednesday, June 8, 2011

too long haiku of several subjects piled up

the season for cherries is long gone
bicycles wait patiently
while players !crack! on the field

The Poetry Jam too, is filled with stuff stirred in together. Have some here. Spread it on your toast.


steven said...

i like haiku that break the rules
they seem to say so much more
in the same small space!

izzy said...

Haiku that misbehave! great!
love the tartness and depth of our options- thanks.

The Bug said...

I love baseball (I hope that's what the third line is about), but I'm fairly well exhausted watching two games a day (Reds & Braves). Heh.

NanU said...

Baseball! hahaha! I was wondering what this would look like without the three P-Jam photos in sight.
Though it fits perfectly - the late summer games, riding bikes to the ballpark. Indeed, it could be about a single thing.
If I were to write a poem about baseball, though, this would be far from it!

Helen said...

Your trifecta is marvelous!!

Bagman and Butler said...

Aha! Three for one. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Clever how you fit all 3 pictures in one little ole haiku! Well done.

Here is mine: Repeat Echo

jabblog said...

Very clever:-) but BASEBALL?? Rugby, please;-)

Brian Miller said...

nice...cherries, baseball and bikes...that takes me back a few years...about 25...smiles. nice jam

Enchanted Oak said...

NanU, our cherry trees are just now getting beautifully ripe, here. You're welcome to drop in.

I liked your haiku. It's perfect.

NanU said...

NO baseball here. I hate baseball. The cracking is the smack of the rugby players colliding.

Peter Goulding said...

Wish I'd seen yours before I wrote mine!
Very clever

Titus said...

It works! It works well!