Friday, July 29, 2011

Part 10b, Dublin photos

There are some spots with really great graffiti around town.

A nice little park, with peices of art all around the edges. The colorful buildings are part of Dublin Castle.

A different side of the castle. Much more dignified and castle-like, but I prefer the colorful version.

A Tax Museum! The only museum we went to in Dublin, and then just because it sounded so unusual. It was pretty neat. There was a tax on bachelors. And one on dogs.

Winding around the city center there's some kind of self-guided historical tour. These panels in the sidewalk tell you where to stop, and there's always a pointy item showing where to go next. We were apparently going backwards along the route, but found five or six panels just at random.

The old market hall still handles fruit&veg. Only now with forklifts and trucks.

A long, long graffiti.

The front end of the same, with character.

You never know what you'll find enshrined in bronze.

The Hogeye Navvy concert audience at the library started out with pretty much just the groupies on our tour, but eventually filled out to contain just as many locals.

Carole and Ken took advantage of a last opportunity to dance on the trip.

At last, Ken got to call a contra dance!


Jessica Maybury said...

aw man! I live in Dublin! You could've passed me in the street and we'd never have copped it. I rarely notice the street art around here. Usually just the stupid tags.

NanU said...

I really should have arranged an extra day or two in Ireland instead of going home when the rest of the group did. So many of the Jammers are over there! Should met up with you! but our schedule for the one full day we were there was packed.
I did try to meet up with the Watercats during the Tall Ships, but they had a gig and it didn't work out (GO CATS!!!!). Next time....