Friday, October 14, 2011

5-ingredient Jam

and now, for the Poetry Jam...

I heard a laugh, and turned.
A shadow like a ghost
faded hastily behind the edges of the laundry.
Sheets fluttering in the dying breeze.
Was it coming for me?
biding its time,
steeping me in anguish,
Or was it just the beer?


Lolamouse said...

Maybe it was coming for the beer!

The Bug said...

Now that kind of thinking will keep me from turning off any of the lights in my house EVER :)

Helen said...

Oh dear, I went off in a similar direction as you ... like minds?

Your poem is dark and delicious.

Enchanted Oak said...

The laundry ghosts strike again! It's fun watching people play with those words, since I used them with such seriousness myself. Thanks, NanU.
Also, I love your black beauty on the blog header. My little tortie is in my post, and they'd like each other, I think.

Anonymous said...

love the spookiness in it.

well done.

chiccoreal said...

Dear NaNu: Loves your sweet kitty cat! What a doll! Looks so wise! YOur poem is really wonderful imaginative, so nostalgic and I believe it was the beer talking! Beer always seems to let go of some noise and thus does talk eventually! :)

Heaven said...

More like the beer I say...ha..ha...fun post ~

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Oh, I think it was the beer. Great write and save me a beer.


Peter Goulding said...

Yes, laundry is best done when you're half cut. Seriously though, there's a lot in this short poem just beyond the edges..

Argent said...

Excellent build to that ending!