Thursday, October 20, 2011

what would you do?

So, say you're writing a book chapter, and you have a colleague with whom you sometimes write these chapters with, and you're not writing it in your native language. Say furthermore that your writing style tends toward literary flourishes and parentheses within whole parenthetical paragraphs, not really the clear and direct scientific ideal.
Your colleague is, however, a native speaker and something of a grammarnazi, and for a few chocolates you can count on her to put the text into shape. And to rein in your wilder speculations.
Do you:
A) plan out the chapter with her and keep her informed both of your progress and of the looming deadlines
B) don't bother the colleague with boring information, wait until the reminders start coming from the editor before starting, and then the day before it's "really" due, ask your colleague if she might have a few spare minutes to look over a couple of pages?
What would you pick?


Niamh B said...

A is probably someone who doesn't exist except in our imagination. Twould be nice to be that organised though!
Hope it works out

The Bug said...

My nature is answer B - god help the person who works with me!

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."
Jessica Rabbit

Argent said...

Oh, B for sure. If there was a Procrastination Olympics I'd get the gold - when I finally got round to turning up, that is. I'm cheered to see there are others like me in the world.