Monday, November 7, 2011

Out there.

Last week's Poetry Jam poem was something of a dud, I admit. This one at least has the advantage of being shorter. On the theme of Windows:

Out there,
the rain lashes
Out there,
the wind is angry
Out there,
the traffic snarls
I watch,
sipping cocoa.


steven said...

nancy - first of all i love the bright green marble-eyes staring up at me in your header. i love that look in cats very much! second, i like these words . . . the pushing back of all the "noise" of life and the settling in-behind the thin glass wall into ourselves. steven

Helen said...

I choose to stay ... inside with you!

The Bug said...

I suppose that's one nice thing about winter - I can feel all snug and safe watching from the inside. At least until it's time to go to work :)

Mary said...

I like your poem. That is exactly how I felt TODAY on the WARM side of the window. It has been poooouuurrriinnnggg rain all day.

Mary said...

If it is possible, please put Mr. Linky up on Poetry Jam. It seemed there was no one ready to do a prompt there, so Chris said I should. But no Mr. Linky. thank you.

The Cello Strings said...

it is good to watch and sipping coca.

sweet window take.