Friday, November 11, 2011

The Source

 Look! Look! There it is!!!!
Oh, sorry. That's a bit of floor.
But you can see a part of it, on the left, just peeking into the frame.
Ah, that's better.
Here we are. The geeky technician is showing the big heads of the project how to program our brand-shiny-new X-Irradiator! There's Mr Double-Strand Break Repair in the foreground, followed by Mr Mitochondrial Repair; and that's Mr Particle Physics Guy in the back. And me Ms Hereditary Cancer Risk Factors behind the camera.
Come the first of the year, we'll have our very own facility for the experimental X-irradiation of whatever will fit in the cabinet.
Just look at that lead door. Weighs a ton!
Er, actually a bit less. I think the whole apparatus comes out to a ton-point-two or suchlike.

And this is just the temporary installation of the X-ray generator. Just wait until next year, when The Bunker is built and the neutron cannon is delivered. Yep! Yep! Our very own neutron source!! Now that's irradiating in style.


steven said...

it must blow you away to experience the very sharp trajectory of what is possible and available. steven

NanU said...

It's been 5 years. Five long years of dossiers and proposals and offers and negotiations. The grad student I started with is long gone. The experiments proposed in the founding documents are years out of date. Some of our collaborators have moved on to other domains.
Science moves fast - sometimes!

Argent said...

Awww! I wish I could use cool stuff like neutron cannons in my day job! Somehow, no matter how hard I try to imagine it, a laser pointer just doesn't generate the excitement.

Jessica Maybury said...

I love thinking of you over there in France, blogging in English, and being a scientist with an interest in writing. You're deadly :D

Bagman and Butler said...

Wow! And I don't even know what an X-irradiator is. But it sounds like a fabulous toy. Do you get to put stuffed animals into it?