Friday, April 20, 2012

It's baaaaack.....

Yeah, it looks rather like a bit of dirt.
This was my rhubarb patch on the 24th of March. The little rhubarb sprouts are just barely starting, but you can see them scattered about.
 On April 1st there were recognizable leaves.
Rhubarb is cute!
 On the 11th the leaves were bigger, and not all wrinkly. 
It isn't monstrous yet, but that's a lot of growth for just 10 days.
A week later, on the 18th, I had to start putting a rat in for scale. Should have had one all along.
It's got leaves the size of dinnerplates already. End of May it'll have leaves the size of my dinner table, and I will hack at it with a knife and distribute its body parts to appreciative friends.


Dana said...

mmhhh!!! I like rhubarb! Lucky you are!

The Bug said...

Run for your lives!

Titus said...

I am beset by rhubarb. All the best!