Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo a day: mail

Like anyone, I have a love-hate relationship with mail. Love, love, love to get postcards and letters from friends and birthday cards from family. Doesn't matter if you "see" me on facebook every dang day. Snail mail I can touch with my hands, reread in 50 years.

Most mail isn't so fun. Paying bills online helps, but I still get the rent notice in the mailbox, and tax forms. I was hoping for good travel reading in the box this morning, but alas. There was, oddly, an unscheduled envelope from my landlord. Left it in there. Back later.


steven said...

nancy i get one letter every so often from my mum who writes notes and includes newspaper clippings and then one amazing letter written on blue airmail paper and sent in one of those lovely red white and blue striped envelopes from my godmother . . . steven

Titus said...

Yep, nice mail is a serious pleasure, and getting increasingly rare.