Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday the 19th

up: breakfast with vanilla coffee

down: made a (dumb) mistake in one of the reference sequences

down: writing up the non-conformity reports for samples where we didn't find the mutation we were supposed to (not our fault, just little mistakes in how the other lab described them)(but it's "down" because I have to write to those labs and mention I found these errors)

up but down: one of those non-conformity reports can be cancelled. Don't know how that typo got in there, but the sequence is what they said it would be. My bad - never mind.

down: secretaries having a little lunch party to which I am not invited (my office is in the middle of theirs)

up: invited for dessert after all

up: new technique shows signs of working

down: boss wants to know why I'm not part of the national group for mutation evaluation

down: boss wants to know why we're not part of a study I've never heard of

down: boss wants to know if we've included cases in a study I've never heard of

up: secretary agrees the boss needs to realize I'm only one person

up: this last thesis chapter is portable and may be reviewed at home, over a nice glass of wine. Time to go.

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The Bug said...

Bosses do seem to have trouble remembering what it's like to do the actual work (and sometimes they never did it to begin with).

Hope you're enjoying your wine!