Tuesday, October 23, 2012

more not much

wow, that last one was a lame post. Have I ever written worse? Bo-ring. Usually I can get into that particular mood and draw a laugh or something from the surreal experiences of the French Bureaucracy.
This time, I appear to have broken down entirely.
I have become a lifeless drone.
I have become this dull being with pasty white skin and atrophied muscles from staying inside all summer and thus far all autumn, slaving away at work. The walk from my office to my living room is the only exercise I get, aside from the occassional detour to the bridge table.
It isn't raining.
Perhaps I should hike down to the train station & pick up my tickets for next week. It's not a marathon, but it'll get me off my butt.


The Bug said...

Actually, I found the last post really interesting - but then I work in an office & "get" the bureaucrasy. I was all wrought up in the drama & breathed a sigh at the reprieve :)

At least in my case the paperwork IS my job - unlike you where you're having to do all this extra stuff while (I presume) still doing some sort of actual laboratory work.

NanU said...

Thanks, Bug. Just shows you never know how stuff looks to other people.