Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time to admit it.

I've been getting old lately.
Actually, I'm getting older at the same rate I always have ever since I was born: one day per day.
Though if you figure it another way, I'm getting older more slowly than ever if you figure each new day proportionally to the accumulated days already past.
So it's all fine.
Until you hit one of those milestones that bring you face to face with that accumulated pile. For a while now I've noticed how tired my face is by the end of the day. And I just can't read the fine print any more. Certainly not in the evening.
So I was at the store for catfood and etc the other day, and noticed the rack of reading glasses next to the sunglasses. Aha. See, if I have to make an appointment somewhere it'll be months more before I do anything about this. But if you present me with a convenient bunch of cheap reading glasses, no fuss, no examination, just another grocery store purchase, well, then I might just get some.
Then I put on a pair and read something, and was astonished at how big and clear everything was! Wow!
Yeah, I guess text used to look like that all the time. Bad eyes have crept up on my so slowly I just didn't notice.
I suppose I'll be getting used to these things.


The Bug said...

I had TERRIBLE vision (legally blind without my contacts). I decided to have lasik done & that was fabulous, although my doctor warned me that it would mean I would need reading glasses sooner. And here I am with pairs of glasses everywhere. I have a prescription pair, but they live in my purse. I bought a three pack at the drug store & they're strategically placed to be where I need them most. I've turned into my mother!

Argent said...

This strikes a chord. i get really dry eyes and very tired ones at the end of they. I already have glasses though, so no help there, sadly.