Monday, May 27, 2013

Where's the spring this spring?

All this water falling from the sky these past two months has done wonders for the weeds. But just try to get some tomatos going.
The veg patch is a sad, sad affair this year.
Potatos are up all over the place, even outside the area I planted them. They're going strong. It's a good thing I like potatos.
Coming along behind are the peas. They took so long to peek out of the ground that I planted a second patch (and indeed the first batch never came up), but now they seem to be doing alright. But what of the onions, radishes, carrots and green beans I seeded at around the same time?
Some beans finally put out two leaves. Yea! But then, the plants started looking sickly and yellow, and now all the bean plants are gone. Mind you, the beans and peas were mixed in the same area, and the peas are doing fine, as are the random potatos resprouting from last year. And the weeds in the patch are going great between weedings. It's just the beans.
Not to be seen.
Not a one.
Okay, there are some timid radish leaves in one corner of the radish patch, and they are looking rather eaten. But there might be some radishes.
The only other thing I planted from seed was the corn, and let's not even go there. I love corn on the cob in the summer, and I planted plenty. Less than a dozen plants came up, all pale and spindly. None have gotten beyond two tiny leaves, and a few have disappeared in the past week. Forget the corn.
Meanwhile, the rhubarb is as monstrous as ever. No problem there. My garden has a rather selective growth deficiency.
I started tomatos, zucchini, squash, and cucumbers in little pots indoors. Eventually they get too big to do any better like that, and I transplant them outside. And they promptly stop growing. The tomatos were nearly killed by something underground, and have since been hanging on at roughly the same size they were when I put them out there. The two zucchini disappeared altogether, and the two squash nearly did but are now hanging on with two or three small leaves each. Cukes: one gone, one going.
I think I will be getting my veg at the market this summer.

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Titus said...

My sympathies, but I do admire your bravery in trying. The only food crops in my garden are rhubarb (triffid variety, obviously, as fowers are approx. six foot high right now) and a tayberry I try to dig up every year but comes back just the same.

Verdant in the extreme here, and bucketing down.