Friday, November 15, 2013

first week of November

Tile! Tile is good. Sink & toilet would be even better, but they are still in the bedroom.
And here we are Saturday evening, all finished. I'm in charge of any decoration.

In moving my box of bathroom stuff back into the bathroom, it has been noted that although the room is much bigger than it was before, there is actually less storage space. The little corner shelves I disliked so much have gone, but they were handy. And now the toilet has taken up residence in the space I used to have a small but useful shelving thingy.  I can hang a towel on the new towel-heater (yea! heat!), but that's it.
And I have no mirror.
Oh, and the toilet seat is gone.
Oh, and the rod that holds the toilet paper in the toilet paper holder is missing.
So. Looks like next Saturday will be spent on these issues.

But wait!
That's not the whole saga.

Last Saturday evening I moved back into the house, and everything was great. Nice and toasty. Indoor toilet.
Then Sunday morning, no hot water. The place was still warm, though, so on the phone to my landlord we thought it was a plumbing thing. So he arranged the plumber to come back Monday. But then, things started to cool off considerably. And it was noticed that the heater was no longer heating. The pilot was out, and Jean-Philippe and I could not get it relit.
Cancel the plumber. A heater problem, that will take a little longer to get fixed.
That was fixed on Thursday, and I again moved back into the house. Indeed, when I got home that evening, the place was tropical! My landlord said it was so cold inside when he was there for the heater guy that he turned everything up full blast.
I think we can tone that down just a bit.
So I'm sitting pretty, hm?
Er, now there's a small issue of water pressure for the hot tap. Cold, plenty of pressure. Hot, just a dribble. Enough to do dishes with, ok, but not enough for a shower.
Guess we'll be getting the plumber out here after all.

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The Bug said...

Nothing is ever simple is it? Our bathroom doesn't have a lot of storage space either, so we bought an etagere to go behind the toilet (sort of like this one: http://www.lowes.com/pd_27655-336-9107WMV_0__?productId=3055405) & it worked VERY well.