Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last week of October

I spent Sunday rearranging the house - people were coming on Monday to presto-chango my bathroom into a properly functional space, and that meant moving a lot of stuff around.
At first I was thinking, well, they'll disconnect the toilet as late as possible, and install it in its new position as early as possible. I can take a shower at work if need be, and the house would only be un-livable for a couple of days. Yeah, sure.
Enlarging the bathroom means shrinking the bedroom, so everything in there had to go, except for the bed and the armoire and one of the catstands. All that got tossed into the library/guest room. Really just tossed. I had been thinking I'd be staying in that room during part of the remodeling, but gave up on that in favor of staying with Jean-Philippe.

Monday night there were new items in the bedroom:

And the sad, sad bathroom, here it is all empty:
It used to be lavender all over which is far too much lavender for me, thus the white about as far as I could reach. Not so easy to get a ladder in there while it was still all encumbered with various plumbing fixtures. When they installed new windows a few weeks ago, it was really strange to see the one in the bathroom not set into the wall, but sticking out into my shower about 3 inches, with these ugly braces keeping it there. I had always known the insulation in this room was poor, but that first shower with the new window showed me just how much - with the door closed, nothing dries in there any more. The old window leaked so much it may as well have been open.
Two days later:
Another day, another step forward, but it's time to break for the long weekend.
Yes, there is a bathtub in the bathroom!
Not connected to anything yet, but it's in there.

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The Bug said...

Yeah I think I'd stay with a friend too - can't live without a bathroom! It will be great once it's done though.