Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Les Adrets - Ste Maxime

For the week, we stayed with JP's cousins Michel & Marie-Lou. They live near the town of Adrets de L'Esterel, in the hills between Frejus and Cannes. I didn't get in any walking at all, first because there are no real trails right near their house, and second because we were hardly ever there. Most of our time was spent on the coast, where we had bridge lessons in the morning, and a tournament every evening, meals included, with the afternoons free to wander around.
With 45 minutes travel each way, there was no point in returning to the cousins' for the midday break, so we just went around visiting some of JP's old haunts. He grew up around there, and knew St Tropez long before it became popular and filled with tourist restaurants & bad portraits of Bridget Bardot.
 Kitesurfers at Frejus
 Sailboat trailers at Ste Maxime.
Mom coming ashore after the regatta.
One of the rare open spaces along the Cote d'Azur. We saw three swans and a couple of coots.
 One of the many picturesque hilltop towns in the interior.
The beach not far from St Tropez, before being mobbed by thousands of tourists. We walked in the sand for a while, and I stepped on a bee. It's been years since I've been stung. It wasn't too bad, but it did keep us from and serious walking around for the next couple of days.

Back to work! More later.

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