Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Well, I was on vacation last week so I figure I should share some of the snaps I took there. First stop on our way south was Jean-Philippe's son's house in Sarrians, near Avignon.
Nice place! Nice big yard, too, though with the Mistral ripping through I imagine it must be difficult to fully appreciate the pool
Spring was there.
And some cows.
Actually, mostly the region is covered in vineyards, but they were barely sprouting leaves yet.
 After just time for lunch we continued on to the port at St Raphael, where JP's cousin Michel has a boat.
Not just any boat, a racing sailboat that needs its mast repaired before next week's regatta in Marseille. They spent some time undoing all the ropes and pulleys in preparation for de-masting the boat, so I wandered around a while & here are some miscellaneous shots.

More perhaps tomorrow when there's (hopefully) more time for blogging!

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The Bug said...

Now, see, that is a LOVELY picture of the trees. And I like the cows too :)