Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In or Out

In the summertime when it's hot out, I like to keep the kitchen door open, to get some air moving between there and the bedroom window on the opposite side of the house. I suppose opening windows in the kitchen and dining room would be just as well for the air and avoid certain problems. But that's too much work. My plants, of which there are many, live in front of the windows. The windows all open inwards, so opening a window means moving aside everything in front of it. 
Nah, that's too much work. And besides, where would I put it all?
So the windows stay shut, except for the one in the bedroom, and the door stands open.

Natalie knows she is not allowed to bring her toys into the house, but Sunday she did anyway.
She came in with a young shrew, which she let go of before I could shoo her back outside. She let it go under the dining table, in the forest of table and chair legs, and the quick little thing made it to the safety of behind the armoire before I could get to it.

Since then I have had a shrew loose in my house.
Last evening about 10 it ventured out for a stroll around the dining room, but made it to hiding in time. I hoped it would make a dash for the open door, but maybe there's too much open territory to cover.
All three of the cats were in all night, and for a few hours there was quite a lot of fun for them as the shrew would come out and then be pursued screeching by Sienne or Natalie. Bandersnatch could not be bothered. It's amazing how much noise an animal that small can make. 
Nobody caught it. The poor thing, if only I could get it to go outside. Being chased by two cats can't be much fun, and there's not much for a shrew to snack on in the house.

I wish the french would catch on to the idea of screen doors. Useful things!

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