Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day with Darrell

 All days start out with cat petting.
Exceptionally, this day continued with a hike around Hobbs state park.

The lake views were few & far between from our chosen trailhead. Pretty new lake, since it still had lots of tree trunks standing.

Down at a lakeside campsite, we found an abandoned pot next to the firepit. Hand-made. The lid did not fit at all. Some dad is saying - oh, dang, must have lost that out camping. Will you make me another one, please?
Do have the Islander burger with grilled pineapple. Do think again before having The Later Years (Elvis reference) with peanut butter and banana and a couple more items that do not really belong on a burger. Onion rings also a yes. And just go ahead and admit that the battered & deep fried green beans are not really a vegetable but just a scaffolding for sauce.

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The Bug said...

I love deep fried green beans (well, to be frank, I love most deep fried things - I'm from NC). And although I also love peanut butter & banana sandwiches (with raisins!), add a burger to that? EWWW!