Tuesday, February 17, 2015

George Washington Carver National Monument

Went to Rogers to see my brother, and took a day trip up to Missouri to see the GW Carver National Monument. Not many cars in the lot! But certainly worth a visit.
It was not Monday, so they were not closed.
Classic Missouri farmhouse. This is the Carver house from the mid-19th century.
Yep, taking your picture.
Guess I need to clean the lens again.
Leaving the visitors center they told us of a restaurant we could find by going down the road about 3 miles and turning left: the Undercliff. We missed the turn and just continued on in the direction back to Rogers, thinking we'd just stop wherever on the way. Rounded a turn, and there it was. From the porch there's a great view of the railroad tracks and the endless train hauling coal. It was a long enough train I actually got tired of watching it go by, and went in for a nice chili dog with onion rings & a beer.

Hasenpfeffer was mentioned somehow, and Mom did not believe we could score a rabbit just like that, in the middle of nowhere.
But we did. Darrell knows the right place for bunny, and we walked out with the last one. Assorted parts, that is. Good ones, too.
To accompany our bun, we thought we'd make spaetzle. Only, Mom is gluten-free, so we thought we'd experiment with potato flour. It's the eggs that stick the starch together, right, with a bit of milk to thin the batter out? Just toss it in there instead of wheat flour and then adjust as necessary.
That did take some adjusting.
Then we thought we'd pan-fry the spaetzle bits for a minute, as much to reheat them as to give some kind of form and texture to the stuff. That was also interesting. Tasted like potatos.

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