Monday, August 31, 2015

Too much

on the couch!
Also to be seen;
In the kitchen
On the bed
Next to the dining table
On the little cabinet in front of the living room window
On the front steps
Blocking the entrance to the house so that Sienne will not come in.

I didn't get that posted in time, and now everything is different. I could have said instead, 'smelled' on the bed, next to the dining table, in the spare bedroom, on the couch...
In her campaign to become emperor of the house and forever consign Sienne to the yard, Mia started marking "her" territory. At first it was just a drop, and Tuesday I wondered where that whiff of cat pee was coming from. The cushions of the couch I was sitting on, as it happened. Only lightly sprayed, and the blue throw rug plus the thick cushion covers meant that their foam cores weren't hit, thank goodness.
But then she got my towel, which was spread out on the bed. That got through the towel, the summer comforter, the fitted sheet down to the mattress protector, which all went into the wash, down at the laundromat where they have a big enough machine.
I didn't have a backup mattress protector, though. Usually I'll wash it, and put it back on the bed once dry. While it was out drying, though, Mia got the bed again. More sheets and a blanket to wash, plus the mattress cleaned as well as I could, then flipped. Went into the spare bedroom to take the other comforter off the daybed, and discovered that all the bedding there had been thoroughly pissed on.

Once this kind of thing starts, there's nothing to do for it but separate the cats. So Mia has gone to the animal shelter to await adoption into a home where she will be the only cat.

I'm really sorry it worked out this way, and hope to have the house back to normal soon. I'll keep tabs on Mia at the shelter and let you know when she finds a more appropriate home.

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