Friday, March 18, 2016

Can we hope for an end?

I'm not usually a political person at all. I really don't get it, and all. Politics is like a story somebody is telling in a language I usually know the words to, but it somehow doesn't make any sense for more than two or three words in a row.
But this season is just fascinating.
Like a slow-motion train wreck.
I've never been a big fan of the GOP, and since the Tea Party came around have been sincerely against the 'grand' old. Don't get me started on the reasons why.
The Reps are in danger of losing all credibility, what between the candidates for their presidential nomination, and the balls-up over the Supreme Court nomination. They can't stand for a candidate who doesn't stand for anything they stand for (what do they stand for, again?? pro-life, but not in favor of helping people live? oh, yes, I wasn't going to get started), but they can't just toss him out if he wins the nomination outright. Then, they're the party 'for' constititional purity, but the constitution is what they're trampling on in the court fight. Be jerks or be cowards, cowards or jerks. Cowardice is out of the question, but they've never been afraid to be jerks.

All of which has people wondering what the future of the GOP is.

Well, perhaps it should not have a future. Perhaps at last the USA can have some real multi-party politics. Not just black vs white, Us vs Them gridlock.
Go ahead, take your courage in hand and split up. If DT takes the GOP nomination, making the party into something unrecognisable, those who want the party they do recognise can go and make a new party.
The Dems could do that too.
And we could get rid of the Electoral College, have a real representational vote.
Just a thought.

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The Bug said...

A very GOOD thought!!