Monday, May 16, 2016

Home Improvement

So it was decided that we should have a nice wooden terrace behind the house.
It's nice to eat at the table under the cherry tree, but 
1. the chair legs tend to sink into the lawn unexpectedly and dump you onto the ground
2. you can't get the mower really close around the legs

And also, the concrete pad is just an insightly mess. As a thin layer of concrete over dirt, patching the holes and cracks is useless - you have to destroy the whole thing and start over. I dump a lot of weedkiller on it when things really get growing, but it's a losing race. Bernard doesn't want to spend any money fixing it this year, but I'm welcome to do what I like (no deducting from the rent, alas).

JP figured a wooden platform about 4 meters by 2 1/2 would be pretty cheap and easy to build, and I'm out there a lot, so let's just do it. I don't plan on moving soon.
9 2x4's, 27 planks, 6 bags of mortar, a box of really huge screws, and a box of more regular screws. And a rental truck for an hour. A bit more than we'd calculated, but once the terrace bug is on you, you gotta have one.
The first day, he only laid down two of the cross-ties before it started to rain. Better off playing bridge when it rains. After that the weather was more cooperative. 
6 bags of mortar was barely enough to get all the ties fixed and level. In places he needed to fill a couple of inches, and even then on the highest ground the ties are laid flat, not on edge.
Time for the planking! 
Dang, didn't get nearly enough screws. Lucky that certain stores are allowed to open on Sundays. Get the bucket-full this time.
Getting close to the end... Oh, no! missing about a plank and a half. Off to BricoMan yet again.
When we were there Friday morning, there was nobody much in the store, and we could drive around the lot with ease. This time it seemed like Pentacost Monday is actually National DIY day. No matter having to wait around, but just our luck they had sold out of the 2.4m planks. Friday they had plenty plenty. Today, none. Fortunately, they still had 4m planks, so we took one of those.
And there you have it.
Now to find some strong arms to help with the table.

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The Bug said...

Love it! And that's the way it is with DIY (or hiring someone to do it for you, come to think of it). We have a guy who does all our small work at the church & he added an extra $2500 to an estimate to remodel the bathrooms for "just in case."