Thursday, May 19, 2016


Went with Mariette a couple of weeks ago for a walk in the woods. Actually, a walk in her woods: she wanted to check out the state of her pines and hickorys, and see if it was going to be a good blueberry season.
Pretty dark in the woods, and no interesting long shots, so here are some close-ups.
It is good to go look at the trees now and then.
Some of them were missing - two of the biggest pines, magnificent spécimens all straight and tall, had been stolen. Mariette has a map of the place, showing all the really valuable trees, but she didn't have it with her or we'd have done an inventory. That kind of theft is not uncommon, but it's pretty expensive to prevent unless you live close enough to be a real presence.
Those are pansies, not violets. Note the pointed leaves.
Yes, Ma'am. Duly noted.

The Island of Wild Geraniums.

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