Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sweetness and light

So very much to say about all the ridiculous politics going on. The impossibility of communicating with people, the dissemination of lies and how lies become truth to good-willed people who just haven’t looked any farther. So much to rail against, but who will be persuaded? The Others who need persuading don’t read this blog, and even if they did they would just persist in believing their lies, labelling me the poor misguided schnook.

Kittens with string!

I don’t have any kittens. My cats are old, though they do play with string. This really annoys me, because I knit, and because I have a considerable stash of yet-unknitted yarn that I would like to be able to keep in pretty baskets without having said baskets dumped out all over the floor, and said balls of yarn all knotted up and damaged.

Bad cats.

But I just have to say – nobody thinks that controlling guns will stop all gun violence and accidents. But not being able to eliminate all of that is not in any way a reason to not try to stop what you can. And really, people, you want somebody who proposes going against everything America is for, for president? Yes he does want to persecute according to religion. Yes he does want to persecute according to race. Yes he does want to appoint Supreme Court justices on the basis of their willingness to go after his personal peeves.

And you spineless Republicans, your party has been hijacked; it’s been perverted into something unrecognizable. You’re OK with that, out of “loyalty”? To whom? Not to this country! There used to be a time when I would look at the candidates, and I’d think, well, that’s a good idea on the Rep side, and this other one is good on the Dem side: if only all the good ideas could go together but I’ll have to vote for the one with the most good stuff and hope that bipartisanship will take care of the rest. These days the GOP just makes one cringe in horror.
Ah, time to go home and see what the felines have barfed on today.

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The Bug said...

Totally agree with you - it's just crazy crazy crazy around here. Sigh.