Friday, March 10, 2017


Sunday we all went to the nearby town of Adeje to go to mass and then eat lunch.

Actually, everybody else went to mass while I explored a bit of the hillside. Two major hiking trailheads are right next to the restaurant where we were to meet at 12:30. The weather wasn't great, but the sharp volcanic terrain is pretty neat. I kept going up and up, hoping to get a better view of the crags, or down over the town to the sea, but didn't have a lot of luck.
Here are a few shots:

Lunch was garlic chicken, the local potato recipe which uses egg-sized spuds covered with a layer of very fine salt & roasted, and wine. The carafe of rosé was so bad we sent it back, but we managed to suck down all the red they served us. The chicken was delicious - kind of dry, roasted with a thick covering of garlic & spices.
We were 10 at lunch, and afterwards some of the Tenerife regulars wanted to show those of us there for the first time some of the sights. So we took 3 cars and drove down to the ritzy part of town with its imported-sand beach.
Well, Bea drove like a person who knows where she's going, as she did. And in the crowded little streets full of pedestrians and crazy drivers, we lost the other two cars while searching for parking.  Without all of us present, Bea just wanted to call it off and go back home to lounge by the pool. M and I were out for adventure, not for hanging around a hotel, no matter how well equipped, so we hopped out, vowing to make our own way back.
M's idea was to just walk, it being only a couple of miles along the coast. I thought that was nonsense, having paid attention to the terrain and the stretches of private property and impassable ravines on the way, but I was certainly game to walk as much as we could, then go inland to catch a bus.
We had a great walk once we got out of town.


It's a delicate thing to persist in looking for a way forward and obtaining your goal of getting all the way back on foot, versus deciding to cut your losses and hike the mile inland necessary to find a bus, or in our eventual case a taxi. If you wait too long, a fun outing can become a really annoying, footsore failure. Especially if between you and your travelling companion, your thresholds for no longer having fun are quite different.

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