Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tenerife: Marazul

Oh, has it really been that long? Time does fly. I keep meaning to blog, and then don't. As you can see.

With things being pretty calm at work, I was able to take a week off and get some sun. It hasn't been a very onerous winter this year, but a grey one all the same. Even sunny days in January I go to work in the dark and get home from work in the dark.

My friend Mariette was very keen to go to Tenerife, where a bunch of her friends would also be on holidays, and she did all the hunting around for cheap tickets and stuff. You can get some incredible deals if you pay attention to all the extras, like checking baggage and having an in-flight snack and picking your seat and how/when you check in, and priority boarding. If you want to travel in any kind of comfort, the low-costs end up costing just as much as any other airline.

So we drove down to Toulouse on Friday afternoon, to catch a 6 am flight. How much savings is there if you have to spend 40$ in tolls, more on gas, plus dinner and a hotel room, just to get a good fare? As a principle, I mean. Toulouse was the closest airport with a flight going where we wanted, so we had to go down there and there's only one flight a day. I was just scratching my head sometimes, listening to the others talk about their 100-euro deals for flights out of Barcelona - um, you have to get to Barcelona, and then get home from Barcelona...

But, oh, partly sunny in Tenerife! and temperatures you didn't have to wear a coat for!

We were on the south side of the island, the dry side. Marazul, where we stayed, is a giant timeshare complex a couple miles from the towns to either side. It had a little convenience store, a bar, two restaurants, a hairdresser's, a travel agency, and gift shop, so if you needed something you didn't have to drive anywhere to get through the day, or take the bus.

The first day we spent pretty much settling in and visiting with Bea & Jean-Paul, who spend every February in apartment 414. Here are some pics from the ravine on the west side of the complex.

I really liked the crabs. They must no be good to eat, or there would be far fewer of them. But they're really fun to play hide & seek with. I see you!

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