Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures from the Patinoire

Saturday evening we went to see William at skating practice at the little rink at Super-Besse. He's quite good at spinning!
I work long days myself, but it's hard to imagine having the energy for an hour's workout on the ice after a long, long day running the tubing run on the slopes.

I hope this means that the fad for stuffing the local wildlife and putting it on display is finally on its way out. This badger, in spite of being the mascot of the local hockey team, is tucked away on top of the showcase, way down the hall, facing the corner. Dusty and sad, nobody thinks much of it. And perhaps they will not ever think to replace it with a new unfortunate soul.


Si's blog said...

Like to read about life there. It is a fascinating world. Will you have lots of stories and pictures from Marakeesh? Bring back a stuffed camel for the top of your bookcase?

sciencegirl said...

I will keep a journal during the trip an take lots of photos. We only have 3 full days, and there is work to do, so I'm not sure how much sightseeing will get done.
NO stuffed camel!
A rather endless post about the first Marrakech trip is in the archives (February of last year I think). I've learned since to chop things up into blogbits!