Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday morning walk


Si's blog said...

Ou estce'que vous etes? C'est ne pas la Riviera.

How is my Lewisburg Joint High School circa 1954 French? Got to practice a bunch when I taught at Sophia Antipolis for three months. Surpised at how much I remembered.

Great pictures.

sciencegirl said...

Nope, not the Riviera. Can't stand it down there, all shops and concrete and rich people's houses. We were at an ex-farm near Besse-en-Chandess, Lake Pavin, and the Super-Besse ski station in the Massif Central mountains. An hour from Clermont-Ferrand. Great weather Saturday afternoon, but Sunday was not ugly enough to be mysterious & not nice enough to be nice.
J'ai des photos pour toute la semaine!

Barry said...

Just when I began to think France was beginning to resemble Canada, I discover those beautiful pictures were from up in the mountains.

Did you get all your roses pruned?

sciencegirl said...

I did prune all the roses. Nothing left more than knee-high.
It's wonderful all the different kinds of terrain there are over here. Mountains, plains, Channel coast, hot south, all in a space not bigger than Texas.
It's kind of us to say the Massif Central is mountainous; they're not exactly the Alps, but being above my personal mountain-limit of 5000 feet, they count. You have great mountains in Canada! Just a little farther west of your area...